Ok, so your above 9600 ft and in the Sierra’s and you need some light around your campsite. What do you do? Campfire? Nope! No fires that high and your above the tree line…What do you do? You get an LED lantern. The Lumora from UCO is a great optionlumora

This little light packs a punch with a substantial 180 max lumen output and a R3 Xp-G CREE bulb. The frosted globe really helps diffuse the light output  and the lamp/flashlight is water resistant. It runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) and has a max runtime (on low setting of 19 hours.

lumora1It also doubles as a flashlight when you slide the globe down the body then you can use this as a regular flashlight/spotlight.

The bottom of the Lumora has a screw hole in the base that will attach to any tripod and also has a dual hook for hanging from a tree or the inside of your tent.


As for the base, there are 3 extendable legs that really make the Lumora stable and the lamp weighs in at a respectable 4oz. with a size of 8″x2.5″ when open to a 5.5″x2.5″ when closed so it can stuff into your pack while not taking up too much room.  lumora2


The Lumora is available in Blue, Yellow or Green and retails for about $17.00 If you use my link here



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