Today we had a nice outing in the front country of Santa Barbara. We did about 5 miles round trip and the trail offered so many different obstacles from bouldering to free climbing and scrambling to steep and mellow sections. This trail had it all but I wish it was longer. We started our hike about 9:30am and were done by 1:15 pm so not that long but if you want to get in a great hike during a half day then this is the trail to do it! We had 16 hikers today including an 8 year old boy who did fantastic! Great Job Jacob K. The trail was overgrown in some areas but mostly it was an amazing trail and there were even some wildflowers out to check out. The trail leads up to a very large 35 ft. high boulder that we had to free climb over. Not too hard but it was a little technical especially for some non experienced hikers that were with us. The boulder has alot of natural hand and foot holds that make climbing over easier. Everyone did great and helped one another to make it a great day. We continued on down the trail till we arrived at our destination which was the three pools. The pools were spectacular and the water was very clear. You could see right down to the bottom some 15 ft on the lower pool. The water however was very cold and the wind was howling when we were there. We will have to return for a swim some other time. We stopped and had some lunch and shortly after began our hike back to the parking lot. It was a great day filled with awesome views, nice hiking and great people. Couldn’t have asked for better! Please enjoy the photos below and feel free to comment below: