Ok, so your thinking about all the GPS multi-function watches out there and which one to buy. Then the thought comes to mine “you get suunto1what you pay for”. We have all heard it before. Well my friends I can honestly say that you definitely get what you pay for with the Suunto Ambit2 GPS watch. It has everything your going to need when your hiking, backpacking, alpine skiing, cycling, swimming etc etc the list goes on; altimeter, chronograph,thermmometer, calorie counter, target heart rate zone, backlight, rechargeable and so on. Plus your able to track your workouts and exercises on your www.movescount.com but you have to be connected to the internet

This watch or the serious mountain-sports enthusiast, the Suunto Ambit2 GPS Heart Rate Monitor is the ultimate tool for measuring performance and navigating remote landscapes. Complete GPS functionality combines with the barometer to track elevation, provide route navigation, and alert you to impending storms. This Ambit2 includes a chest strap for real-time heart rate graphs and target zones, and multi-sport functionality allows you to quickly swap between running, cycling, swimming, and training modes.

suunto ambit 2It comes in silverĀ and black and there is also and option for a sapphire crystal which costs a little more but will not scratch.

Some of the negatives I have experienced with this watch is that your body heat will affect the thermometer and that it stores all of the information on the watch (no Bluetooth file transfer to an app)

The battery lasts long and I have tested this on a week long trip in the backcountry with no cell signal and the watch battery lasted just fine. I had an external battery bank with me to recharge it just in case.


All in all this is one of the best GPS watches on the market and you should buy one if your looking for a watch that does it all oh, and also tells the time!


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