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In todays review I am unboxing the Super Delios Water Filter then testing it and filtering water in real time.
I tested this at #Najoqui Falls here in Santa Barbara County, CA. The water here is usually pretty clean and not murky at all but you never know what is at the top of the waterfall that could potentially get you sick.Super Delios Water Filter

Here are the specs:

“SUPER DELIOS” is a portable water filter that can quickly produce safe and clean water by simply squeezing the container connected to the filter. Safe and clean water is produced from various water sources; tap water, river water, well water, rain water and so on.
This water can be used for drinking, cleaning wounds and so on.

High precision hollow fiber filter
The high precision hollow fiber filter is a very reliable material that is used in the medical field and in the industry to produce bacteria-free water.
The filter utilizes numerous piled layers of thin hollow Poly Ether Sulphone pipes, with a pore size of 0.2 micron.
The filter removes bacillus, mold and dirt out of water as it passes from outside to inside of the pipes to make safe drinking water.
Reliable dual-structure design
“Fibrous Activated Carbon” removes sediment and disagreeable odors in the first stage. It absorbs much faster than the ordinary type of activated carbon.
Then, “Hollow Fiber Filter” removes poisonous bacteria (e.g. E-COLI, COLIBACILLUS, SALMONELLA, CRYPTOSPORDIUM, GIARDIA, CHOLERA, DYSENTERY), mold, and contaminated materials.
It’s why DELIOS can produce clean and safe drinking water.
The base of the filter can be connected by other bottles
Most off-the-shelf PETE and Platypus bottles can be easily substituted by connecting the base of the filter.
Compact and lightweight
SUPER DELIOS weighs only 58g!While built-in filters are in general made of ceramics, SUPER DELIOS is made of more lightweight materials; Hollow Fiber Filter and Polyethylene Container.
So, you can easily fold SUPER DELIOS to put it into your pocket. Folded SUPER DELIOS becomes similar size as your fist. It’s easy to carry!
41y5h8cYkULReasonable price at $32.00
The price of SUPER DELIOS is reasonable.Comparison will show that SUPER DELIOS is one of the most reasonably priced and effective bacteria-removing portable water-filters in the world.
SUPER DELIOS has a high-performance hollow fiber filter which requires careful inspection, resulting in higher costs.
Nevertheless, the whole structure of the SUPER DELIOS is very simplified in order to keep the manufacturing cost as low as possible.
High performance water filtration
SUPER DELIOS is a patented product. (US Patent No.5,681,463 and Japanese Patent No.3,468,568)
We have achieved high performance water filtration with a best combination of “High Precision Hollow Fiber Filter”, “Fibrous Activated Carbon”, and “High-grade Polyethylene Container” that is soft and strong durability.
Thanks to the dual-stage filter that can completely remove poisonous bacteria (e.g. E-COLI, CHOLERA, COLIBACILLUS, SALMONELLA), mold, and protozoal(e.g. CRYPTOSPORDIUM, GIARDIA, DYSENTERY), SUPER DELIOS can produce safe drinking water from various water sources; tap water, river water, well water, pool water, rain water, and so on.
DELIOS is an eco-friendly product. You can repeat to use this container.