So your looking for a nice modest light to light up the tent at night but don’t want it to be too overpowering or underpowered…Check out USB powered LED lampthe Solio Alva LED Lamp. This is a very versatile lamp that is perfect for car camping or even backpacking (in the right conditions).

Connect the ALVA to any Solio solar battery pack or other USB power source then string it up in your campsite, tent, beach, or backyard easily with the adjustable carabiner on the cord and enjoy the light in the night. Solio products that power the ALVA include the BOLT, CLASSIC2, Xcellerator+Hub or really any USB battery bank. So here are all the tech specs from Solio’s website:

Product Features

  • Powered by USB or any Solio charger
  • Optimized for long run time from Solio solar battery packs
  • 15 hour run time from Solio “Classic2”
  • 9 hour run time from Solio Bolt or Xcellerator + Hub
  • 25 lumens light output = Equivalent to 10 W incandescent bulb in brightness
  • LED Lights Rated for 20,000 hours of use
  • 3 Meter cord with NiteIze carabiner ‘Cam Jam’ cord-adjuster for easy height adjustment
  • Weight: 102 grams
  • Size: 16 cm x 6.6 cm x 2cm

Easy to Use Light

The Solio ALVA is a bright, efficient-power-draw LED light that provides illumination to any situation where a conventional lantern might be desired. The three- meter-long cord allows plenty of reach between your power source and the area to light. The cord is equipped with a NiteIze Cam Jam to make height adjustment easy.

Weather Resistant

While not a permanent outdoor lighting fixture, don’t worry about a rain or snow, the ALVA is designed to take it and inclement weather won’t stop you from having convenient light wherever you need it.

Highly Portable

The size of a traditional “Edison” lightbulb, the ALVA is compact and lightweight and easy to pack along at only 102 grams. Because it does not have batteries onboard, as a lantern would, you can reduce the weight and hassle of extra batteries and use a multipurpose Solio charger instead.

Ready to Go

Optimized for Solio The ALVA is optimized for long run time from Solio solar battery packs. Unlike other USB lights that waste energy, the Alva has a long battery run time. 15 hour run time from Solio ‘Classic2’ 9 hour run time from Solio Bolt or Xcellerator + Hub.

Technical Specs:

  • Interface: 5V DC USB power
  • Bulb Type: LED


  • Power Input: 5V, 1000 mA
  • Power Draw: 0.6W


  • 16 cm x 6.6 cm x 2 cm – 102 grams

Comes with:

  • USB Powered LED light with built in 3 Meter cord and NiteIze carabiner ‘Cam Jam’ cord-adjuster






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