We did another great hike today in Santa Barbara. My bother in-laws Ben and Bill came with me this time. We hiked the well known and traveled Rattlesnake Canyon trail. It’s a 5.5 mile hike there and back with awesome views of Santa Barbara and the coast line. The trail ends at Gibraltar Rd. We started out about 9:30am at the trail head with 22 day hikers. It was a really beautiful trail and well maintained. The wildflowers were out all over as well as the poison oak! Ouch! We had hikers in all categories from experienced backpackers to weekend warriors to 1st timers. Great group of people and such a beautiful day. The weather was perfect as it usually is in Santa Barbara. We hiked in to a flat meadow called Tin Can Meadow and had a snack then continued up the trail and switchbacks till we reached Gibraltar rd. This trail is so popular partially because its so close to downtown SB and the trail is just beautiful. We had lunch at the top off the side of the Gibraltar rd. and then hiked back down and out the way we came in. I did see a free climber on a flat vertical face climbing without any gear! He made it all the way up. We did also manage to see quite a few paragliders out flying around the peaks above us. It’s always nice to see more people out and about doing things outdoors. Please feel free to comment