The Polar Pro Macro Lens for the GoPro Hero 3 is a nice all glass lens that really changes the dynamic of the camera for shooting macroobjects really close like flowers and bees and so on.

This lens definitely adds some significant weight to your camera as the lens is made of glass. The lens snaps onto the waterproof housing easily and stays in place without any rattling or movement.

Another great feature is that the lens, being all glass has great optics and resists scratches really well. The lens also comes with a soft cloth bag to keep it clean and free of any damage that may potentially scratch it.

The Polar Pro Macro Lens is designed for capturing creative, razor sharp close-ups, with the GoPro Hero3 Camera. The Macro lens quickly Snaps onto the Hero3 Waterproof housing. This Macro lens allows the camera to macro1focus on objects up to 5cm away from the camera lens. This powerful accessory offers 2.2X magnification. Close ups are the perfect way for mixing up your standard wide angle GoPro Edits. Even a close up Macro shot of an old splintered wooden fence can look cool in that Snowboarding or Skate edit, the possibilities are endless. The Macro Lens is made of Glass for razor sharp optics and maximum scratch resistance. This lens is only Compatible with the Hero3 waterproof housing


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