Looking for some inexpensive bike lights that kick butt? Check out these 3 new lights from Night ProVision
This review will cover the Night ProVision SB-1600, SB-2600 and the SB-3000 lumen bike lights. Each one comes with a long lasting li-ion battery pack.

Ok so first off is the SB-1600. sb1600asb1600cThis light has 4 CREE XML-T6 high quality bulbs producing 1600 lumens of light which easily lights up the trail or road (if you’re a commuter). The light housing is made from high quality Alloy and is waterproof rated to IP65.

sb1600The battery pack is an 8800 mAh Li-Ion which is waterproof and shockproof and has a max runtime of over 5 hours. The SB-1600 comes with everything needed to attach to your handlebars or helmet. The SB-1600 has 3 light modes: high, low and strobe.


This light retails for $60 but if you use my coupon code “youtube10” you’ll get 10% off of your entire order…not just one item



Next up is the SB-2600. It has 5 XML-T6 CREE high quality bulbs producing a total of 2600 lumens on high. sb2600It features the same housing and battery pack as the SB-1600. It also is waterproof to IP65 so riding in the rain is no big deal for this light. The SB-2600 puts out a very nice wide beam and lights up the sb2600btrail very well. You can also use my coupon code for this light “youtube10” on Night ProVisions website.




Ok last but certainly not least is the beast SB-3000. As you can guess it puts out a blinding 3000 lumens of light with its sb30007 CREE XML-T6 high quality bulbs. The housing is slightly different on this one but is still made of aluminum alloy and waterproof rated to IP65. It also comes with everything you will need to mount it tool-free to your handlebars or helmet with the included helmet sb3000bmount.





All 3 of these lights are really nice and put out a tremendous amount of light and Night ProVision has some pretty good deals so you should check out their website http://www.nightprovision.com and when you use my coupon code “youtube10” you will save 10% off of your entire order (not just off of one item). Secondly, if you decide to purchase these from Amazon by clicking on the pictures you can also use the coupon code “AMAZNTEN” and that will also save you some cash on your order



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