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Hello and thanks for checking out another great stove from a company called Mini Tattoo. This isĀ for all of you gram counters and weight weenies!

This is the Mini-Tattoo Stove. You can find these guys on Facebook and on the web. I like the fact that it doesn’t have any moving parts, its very small and lightweight.buttinasling

The stove, 4oz fuel bottle, nipple cap and 2ft silicone fuel line weighs in at 1.7oz! Not too bad. It all fits inside my Snow peak Titanium pot with room to spare for other items like my spork, extra fuel and some other cooking essentials. The entire stove is machined out of a single piece of aluminum. The stove is fueled by denatured alcohol or HEET. As for my test boil times I was able to boil 16oz of cold water in just under 5 minutes with a little over 1 oz of denatured alcohol.

If your looking for a great ultra light backpacking stove or an emergency survival stove (BOB) then definitely check these guys out!