Today I am reviewing the Light My Fire Titanium Spork. sporkWhen your backpacking you need some quality items with you and weight is always and issue. I have used plastic sporks from Taco Bell, Burger King etc.

They always break or melt and you can never seem to make them last. Its dishwasher safe, non-corrosive, non-magnetic and hypo-allergenic

A titanium Spork is the best utensil on the market for backpacking as it incorporates a spoon, fork and small serrated knife (ok, it’s not that sharp). Its polished finish ensures that there is no metallic taste. spork1

The only downside to this spork is that its not long enough for eating Mountain House Meals.

This spork weighs next to nothing at .7 oz/20g and is worth its weight for sure. I never go into the back country overnight without one. Check out the website for all the cool products Light My Fire is making.


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