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This little sleeping pad made by #Klymit is only small on looks. The Klymit X-frame sleeping pad packs a big punch when it comes to versatility and compactness. Weighing in at only 9.1 oz. with it’s own hand pump and patch kit it is the world’s smallest, lightweight and technically advanced sleeping pad on the market. Klymit uses body mapping technology to give you support and comfort where you need it and not where you don’t shedding ounces off of the weight and increasing support .Klymit X-Frameultralight weight sleeping pad

Klymit says this pad is for 3 season use but I think it should be fine unless the temp gets down to the single digits and beyond. It’s only about the size of a soda can when in its stuff sack so its way smaller than any other pad I have used. It takes about 3 breaths to inflate it and it comes with a dry air hand pump too inflate it to give you added support and also comes with a patch kit just in case. Some people like their pad to be nice and soft but others like the pad to be firm…I am one of those people.

Another great feature is that its slim design allows you to insert it into your sleeping bag so you don’t roll off of it in the middle of the night. It is also sleeping bag strap compatible. The cut out regions of the pad reduce weight but more importantly what it does is allow your sleeping bag to loft into these pockets so it’s not compressed against the ground keeping you warmer and more comfortable and breathable. It’s made of 30 denier rip stop nylon on the top and 75 denier ripstop nylon on the bottom making it ultra-tough. It has a burst pressure of over 10psi. It retails for about $100