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I always try to make my reviews as non biased as possible. Here I am on the central coast of California (secret training grounds) testing out my new helmet. Here is my latest review. The guys at Cycle Star Bicycles in Santa Maria, CA hooked me up with this awesome new helmet from Kali Protectives. Its called the Amara which gets its name from Sanskrit and means “Immortal”.41qKFzGoT5L

This helmet is very light weight and super comfy. It has 17 vents to keep your head cool and a bug net so you don’t accidentally catch any bees and trap them in your helmet. It has a lightweight poly carbonate shell  with low density EPS foam for ultimate impact absorption to protest your dome when you “superman it over the handlebars” It also has a breakaway visor. The helmet is very easy to adjust and has a built in helmet/light mount. The incorporated camera/light mount includes 4 mounts covering GoPro, Light And Motion, Night Rider and Maglite. The Helmet comes in several color options too- click here to check them out!

This helmet saved my butt several times but one time really sticks out in my memory (Pun Intended) I was riding behind a friend of mine and he ducked under a low branch and I saw him and did the same. What I didn’t see was another branch spearing right for my forehead. It was a good thing I was looking down at the time because the branch caught my helmet and it stuck in the front vent hole of the helmet. It stopped me dead in my tracks! If I hadn’t been hearing a helmet I would have scalped myself and a trip to the hospital

The guys at Cycle Star Bicycles and Main St. Cycles in Santa Maria, CA really came through for Trail and Mountain. Thanks a bunch guys! Scott, Chris, Tony and Alex!