So for all of you cyclists and trail runners out there, I have come across these sunglasses for you. Check out the Julbo Stonystony

These blue and black frame sunglasses have Julbo’s Zebra Photochromic lenses which lighten and darken depending on the amount of ambient light and will completely change in about 22 seconds.

Plus they come with a wider nosepiece for people whose face is more wide than mine and they are interchangeable for a custom fit. I have a slim face and it’s sometimes a challenge for me to find sunglasses that don’t look awkward. Julbo has many color options for the Stony plus there are many other styles and colors as well as lens options for you also.

Not the case here, but speaking of cases…Julbo includes a nice protective case for when your glasses are not being used and a cleaning bag.
If your a mountain biker or trail runner look for these sunglasses as your new “go to” shades.

You can get these on Amazon for the best price by clicking here

I use these mostly for mountain biking but have also used them for hiking and backpacking.


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