Ok, so you want a hammock but don’t want the bulk or the weight of a traditional hammock? Check out the Hummingbird Hammock. Hummingbird HammockWeighing in at about the weight of a hummingbird itself (5.2 oz) and about the size of 3 White Castles stacked on top of each-other! It’s one comfortable hammock also.

It’s made from reserve parachute material (100% Nylon). The spectra cord (included) has a 1500lb tensile strength rating and comes with soft carabiners.


This single person hammock supports up to 300lb and is made right here in the USA in Denver, Colorado and retails for about $75.00.┬áIt’s also available in dark green, red and blue

Hummingbird HammockHummingbird Hammocks also offer 2 person and 3 person hammocks too!Hummingbird Hammocks

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