Today Im reviewing the Helinox FL35 trekking poles. These guys make some great poles and also make great camp chairs and tables too. The poles are made of a very lightweight but strong aluminum and are pretty affordable

Helinox Ridgeline Lever Button Trekking Pole Lever Lock/ Button – A fixed-length lower shaft quickly locks in place via quick release buttons. Adjustability is done with an innovative dual-cam lever on the upper shaft. Amazingly quick extension and collapse.38_225048_765

42_225359_765Helinox poles are engineered with DAC’s proprietary aluminum alloy, TH72M, which provides superior strength to weight characteristics. TH72M aluminum alloy is exclusive to Helinox trekking poles which results is incredibly lightweight poles. DAC Green Anodizing involves no nitric or phosphoric acid and greatly reduces water consumption by using recycled water for rinsing.

Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles offer a refined balance of strength to weight with innovative locking mechanisms for improved functionality. Suited for mountain and ski use on arduous day trips or week long treks. The FL35 weighs in at 13.1 oz for the pair

Ridgeline poles are available with a wide range of locking systems. Choose from either FL, DL or LB systems to suit your application.

The Helinox Ridgeline LB series pole is the only walking pole of any brand to get a “five boot” score (equivalent to a five star maximum rating) from the US “Backpacker” Magazine review (3 month field test Mar – May 2011).



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