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Today I am reviewing the Gossamer Gear LT4 Trekking Poles. These poles are such a joy to hike with for several reasons. NO fatigue on my hands when hiking long distance and the Kork-o-lon handles do not get soggy with sweat. Also, because of the material they use for the grips there was no “black foam” material rubbing off on my hands making my hands blacker or dirtier than they were already lolmaxresdefault (2)

At just under 7oz. for the pair (according to my scale) they are featherlight and almost feel flimsy but they work hard when they need to. I’m 170 lbs and they took all of my weight on a stumble. The only down side I can think of other then you might drop one and not know it because they are so light!

Here are some of the specs from Gossamer Gear’s webpage:

They are adjustable from 90cm to 135 cm for hiking, but go up to140 cm for using to set up a shelter. Easy to use and feature a new spiral wrap at the tip section for added durability where you need it most. Assembly and adjustment of the Lightrek™ 4’s is as easy as can be, just insert the tip section into the grip section and give it a few twists to expand the locking mechanism until it’s snug. The Lightrek™ 4’s feature the same fully ergonomic EVA “Kork-o-lon” grips and a hardened carbide tip accepts Leki™ brand baskets. One basket is included with each pole. The price is for a single pole.  Elegant, simple, strong and gorilla-tested, these poles are everything you need and nothing you don’t.


  • Custom-manufactured carbon fiber for optimum strength to weight ratio
  • Spiral Wrap at the tip section for added durability
  • Carbide tip
  • Small trekking baskets included
  • Small spectra core loop below handle for attaching a “keeper” cord
  • Floats, in case you drop it in a stream

Kudos to Gossamer Gear on making fantastic products!lt4-1