Fugoo ToughOk, there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there to say the least. But the Fugoo Tough is pretty much every bit of awesome!

Its waterproof (yeah I said waterproof – up to 3ft and for no more than 30 minutes). Its also shockproof, dustproof, snow proof, life proof, alligator proof etc. etc. you get the picture.Fugoo Tough

It has 6 speakers in full 360 degree sound design and you can switch out the cases too. It also boasts over a 40 hour battery life due to its built in lithium ion rechargeable battery. I have personally tested this claim and ended up with 39.5 hours before it started cutting out. Still, at over a day and a half of battery that’s HUGE!

I submerged it, drove over it, threw it down the street, banged it against giant redwoods, dropped it off the roof of my house and it just laughed at everything I threw at it! It was really fun torture testing the Fugoo Tough
It also has a built in mic so you can use it as a speakerphone too.

It’s also compatible with SIRI and Google Now:fugoo5

Always wanted a personal assistant? Well, now’s your chance. By integrating iOS’ Siri and Android’s Google Now, your rugged speaker becomes the personal assistant you’ve always wanted with the simple click of a button. Feel free to ask Siri for anything you might ask from your iPhone – sports scores, weather forecasts, dictate a text message, or do voice searches through your smartphone or tablet.


Here are some excerpts from Fugoo:

You’ve toughened up over the years, mentally and physically. So when you take a spill, it doesn’t stop you. You’re built tough, and so is the FUGOO Tough Bluetooth Speaker. With fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum casing, all sides and corners of the FUGOO 360-degree Bluetooth travel speakers are weathered against the storm. Ready for anything, built to last – you and FUGOO are a match made in Tough Heaven.

Knife, check. Map, check. Pack, check. You’ve got your gear. You’re ready to hit the trail. It’s the Call of the Wild beckoning you once again. And part of your adventure has always been keeping your favorite music alive along the way. There’s only one speaker rugged enough to ride this trail with you. Only one ready to meet the call and not quit. The FUGOO Tough Jacket takes any challenge you got. From climbing that 11A face to mountaineering back down the approach, FUGOO Tough houses the best portable camping speakers anywhere. Hiking, camping, belaying, mountain biking, whatever, wherever… FUGOO is ready.

360° SOUND

Fugoo Bluetooth speakers were constructed to provide premium sound and rugged durability no matter what you throw its way. Unlike the competition which only contains a total of four speakers, Fugoo features up to eight speakers – two to four tweeters, two woofers, and two passive radiators – with four active drivers.fugoo4


Additionally, Fugoo speakers are tilted upwards at an eight degree angle to ensure that fugoo6you hear your music the way it was intended to be heard.



This is the best Bluetooth Speaker I have tested and really enjoy it. I use it all the time family camping, BBQ or just working around the house or the yard.


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