This is my Fenix TK-35 review. The TK-35 flashlight is a workhorse and this flashlight puts out 860 lumen on “turbo” and 15 lumen on “Low”tk35 It comes with 4 batteries CR123A (which are pricey but you can get rechargeable ones). I would recommend using 18650 batteries as they are more efficient, cheaper and last much longer. It also comes with a wrist lanyard, holster and extra o-ring. It is made from hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum and is very tough. Ive seen videos on YouTube where people have thrown this down the street and even submerged and froze it solid! It still worked. It’s available here for 10% off using my coupon code “youtube10
This flashlight is TOUGH!

Now, here is a very valid question “Can I take this flashlight backpacking”? The answer is both yes and no!

Yes you can take it backpacking if you do not mind the weight. It weighs in at 13.5 oz which is too heavy for me to bring backpacking so no you cant take it because its too heavy! I would leave it at home or in the car or use it car camping. When I go backpacking i usually go as light as I can and take only the minimum so this light would not work for me to carry.

Is it a great light? Undoubtedly…

Here are some of the fun facts from the website:

tk35aThe high-intensity Fenix TK35 LED flashlight blasts a stunning 860-lumen beam up to 340m to light up the night for camping, hiking or waiting out a power outage.

Featuring 4 brightness settings, the flashlight has a single high-quality Cree XM-L (U2) LED that outputs 860 lumens on turbo and 15 lumens on low
4 CR123A lithium batteries (included) provide up to 1 hr. 37 min. of use on turbo, 6 hrs. 48 min. on high, 23 hrs. on mid and 130 hrs. on low
2 strobe modes output 860 lumens and 120 lumens
Over discharge protection circuit protects the batteries effectively
Patented battery holder made of PC quality material – wear resistant and shock resistant
Regulated output maintains consistent light output over the lifetime of the batteries
Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery installation

Rugged hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum body will stand up to regular use in the outdoors
Flashlight has an IPX8 water resistance rating for protection against prolonged immersion in water deeper than 1m (3.3 ft.)
2 buttons on the tail cap let you turn the light on and switch between modes; easy to operate with 1 hand
Low-voltage warning function to remind users of low power
Digitally-regulated output (maintains constant brightness)
Can also operate on two 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (not included)
Fenix TK35 LED flashlight includes a lanyard, spare O ring and a holster
24 months free repair & limited lifetime warranty
Lighting Modes:

– Turbo: 860 Lumens (Runs 1.6 hrs)*

– High: 365 Lumens (Runs 6.75 hrs)

– Medium – 120 Lumens (Runs 23 hrs)

– Low -15 Lumens (Runs 130 hrs)

– Strobe – 860 Lumens

– SOS – 120 Lumens

Package Content:

– 2 x Tenergy CR123A Lithium battries 4nos (Non-rechargeable)

– Fenix TK35 Flashlight Holster

– Fenix wrist lanyard

– Fenix Instructions manual

– Fenix warranty card

* After operating 25 minutes on Turbo mode, the light will automatically drop back to high mode to conserve battery life


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