So you’re going into the back country or just out on a day hike and your really wanting to enjoy the hike. Some mosquitos and ticks come by and are like “hey, you look tasty”! ExOfficio is your #1 defense against ticks, black flies, mosquitos, chiggers, midges and other bugs that bite and bother the hell out of you!

The “Bugsaway” line of clothing from ExOfficio works great for keeping those little pests away especially with the ZIKA virus now and other mosquito carried diseases. The clothing line is treated with Permethrin which mosquitos, black fly, ticks, chiggers and other bugs can’t stand. I have worn these clothing in some pretty buggy areas and been in the middle of a mosquito swarm in Yosemite in June and can honestly say that this clothing made a HUGE difference. I really don’t like DEET as it tends to irritate my skin

1st I I’ll start off with the Sandfly jacket.  bugsaway2It’s made of polyester, available in 4 colors, has a full hood and stuffs into its own pocket (front zippered security) to easily compress and pack away. The permethrin coating lasts for up to 70 washes too so rest assured

bugsaway3The BugsAway Sandfly is the lightest-weight, highest-coverage top you’ll find and the whole garment stuffs into the front security pocket.

The hood is completely adjustable and has peripheral vision with a drawcord to really close down around the head. The mesh body is highly breathable and will work ok as a light windbreaker but will by no means keep you warm. It does however allow the jacket to dry quickly in case it does get wet from rain or just from your body’s perspiration.


Next we have the Ziwa convertible pants.

They provide great sun protection with a UPF 30+ rating, dries quickly, and has security zip cargo pockets to secure your things. bugsawayHead up into the mountains for a quick dip in the river, and by the time you hit the trail again, the quick-drying Ziwa will feel right as rain.

The partial elastic waist moves with you when you’re most active. In a flash, the ExOfficio Men’s Bugsaway Ziwa Convertible pants transform from a pair of lightweight hiking pants, to a pair of breezy 10″ hiking shorts.bugsaway1

An Insect Shield fabric treatment fends off mosquitos, gnats, no-see-ums, and the like, so you can return home without looking like Mother Nature’s pincushion. Permethrin, the active ingredient in Insect Shield, is invisible, odorless, and tightly bonded to the fabric fibers, and lasts the expected lifetime of the garment (70 washes). It repels mosquitoes (including those carrying West Nile virus, Zika virus and Malaria), ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges (no-see-ums). Insect Shield repellent lasts 70 washings.

Don’t sweat the sun either, because the Ziwa sports Sun Guard fabric that provides some additional protection against harmful UV rays that would damage your skin.

  • Insect Shield repels many varieties of insect: Lasts 70 washings
  • Covered zippers convert pants to shorts with 10” inseam
  • Zippers on bottom of inseam allow legs to pull off easily over shoes
  • UPF Sun Guard 30+
  • 1 security zip cargo pocket on left leg
  • 1 security zip pocket on rear
  • Drop-in gadget pocket on right leg
  • Integrated tether point in hip pocket
  • Partial elastic waistband
  • Button closure
  • Quick drying
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Moisture wicking
  • Type: Relaxed
  • Fabric: 100 percent nylon
  • Garment Weight: 11.5 oz.
  • Sizes: 30-44

Machine wash cold. No bleach or fabric softeners. Wash with like colors. Tumble dry low. Iron low setting. Do not dry clean. The best uses for these are: Amphi adventures, backpacking, camping, everyday, fishing, hiking, insect repellent, outdoor work and extended adventures

Ok and now for the ExOfficio Adventure Hat. bugsaway5It provides a well respected UPF 30+ rating and also has a flexible brim that you can mold and shape into any way that will better suit your needs. Its my new favorite hat for the back country as its also Bugs Away treated with permethrin. The brim is also very wide so it does a great job at keeping the sun off of you while breathing really well


Last but certainly no least is the Bugs Away socks. Now, I’m sure you have gotten a tick on you at one time or another and they usually start on your shoes. Then the little bastards will crawl into your sock because its warm and they can just show down undisturbed. The ExOfficio Bugs Away socks will help keep those little ticks and chiggers away and really decrease your chances of getting tick diseases like Lyme disease.

bugsaway6The wool-blend BugsAway Hiker sock provides long-lasting, effective and convenient insect protection, and wicks moisture to keep your feet dry and cool.

They also have arch support construction and a ventilated toe panel. Permethrin, the active ingredient in Insect Shield, is invisible, odorless, and tightly bonded to the fabric fibers, and lasts the expected lifetime of the garment (70 washes). It repels mosquitoes (including those carrying West Nile virus and malaria), ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges (no-see-ums). You should not dry clean these socks


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