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Today I’m reviewing the Esbit ultralight titanium folding stove. This little stove is extremely light weight. It weighs in on my scale at .5 oz.esbit titanium
If you add 1 fuel cube and the windscreen that I made it weighs in at 1.1 oz.

The cubes burn for over 12 minutes and burn very hot. However, you do need to use a windscreen as the cube can blow out if its windy.

As I get older I am always looking to lighten my load and now everything new that I get is smaller and lighter and is either made from carbon fiber, titanium or some other kind of material that is very light weight and strong.

Esbit Ultralight Titanium StoveIt folds down very small and fits just about anywhere inside your pack.
I really enjoy this stove and its performance and would highly recommend going with this stove if your looking to lighten your load and still have a great stove with you in the backcountry.


This is a fantastic little stove and usually comes with me into the back country on most of my trips as its so small. I use this stove as a backup stove just in case. It’s so small and light I don’t mind the extra weight.