Today I’m testing and reviewing Esbit’s solid fuel stove & cook-set. While this little cook-set didn’t esbit solid fuel cook-set and stovequite cut the mustard in performance, I think with a little tweak it will work much better. Let’s say if you used a aluminum heat reflector on the bottom and a better windscreen. I burned through an entire Esbit tablet (sold separately) and it did not boil 16oz of cold water. Each 14 gram tablet burns approximately 12 minutes and up to about 1300 degrees. It did get hot enough however to cook a Mountain House meal but barely.

The whole setup includes the stove/windscreen, the 585ml (19.78fl oz.) pot with coated grab handles and the pot lid. Everything is well constructed of hard anodized aluminum

esbitt1Also, if you raised the esbit tablet up a few centimeters that would be a huge help.I think that these little tweaks will make this setup work much better. And of course if you make it out of titanium that will cut the weight a bit but the whole setup is light at a little over 7oz. and is very small and compact.

In my experience with cooking with Esbit is that it leaves a lot of soot on the bottom of your cook pot. It does come off easily if you know how. I usually burn some alcohol and the soot just burns off easy peasy. Esbit tablets are also really stable at high altitudes and sub-zero temps as well as they are a great emergency fire starter. I always bring one in my Altoids tin just in case. Each tablet is individually sealed in a waterproof package and has a 10+ year shelf life.


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