The Esbit 750ml Ultra Lightweight cooking pot is a fantastic little cooking pot for your consideration of making the grade into your esbit potbackpack. It has made it into my pack several times and has alway performed perfectly. If you would like to purchase this pot, please click here

So, if you’re looking for a great solo ultra light cook pot for your kit? This is one of the best i have ever reviewed. Its ridiculously light and very well made. It boasts a ton of features too like the stuff sack has 2 pockets for storing your Esbit stove and a set of Esbit silverware or Esbit Fuel Tablets.

The lid has a notch built in that allows you to stand the lid handle upright to make it easier to take off when hot.
It’s plenty big enough for solo cooking and can also double as your mug/cup. It doesn’t have that metallic taste either like some other pots do.

esbit1The weight with stuff sack, lid and mesh bag is 3.75oz. Has a total volume of 25oz. respectively. It’s hinged handles fold nicely against the pot when storing it into it’s mesh stuff sack (included)
All in all a great titanium pot for solo backpacking!esbit4



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