Ok, if you’re looking to go with a quilt instead of a traditional sleeping bag… I have 2 words for you. “Get An Enlightened Equipment Quilt”, Ok so that was 5 words but you get the idea! Enlightened Equipment Enigma QuiltThey offer many color choices (inside and out) and fill weight options so the quilt is completely customizable in just about every way. Most of my adult backpacking years have been spent in a sleeping bag and while I own many sleeping bags and still like them very much but there is something to be said about a quality quilt.

ee2The whole idea of a quilt is like a blanket on your bed at home. When your sleeping in a sleeping bag all of the insulation under you is compressed and offering no insulation so you are actually carrying more weight than you need to.

I am very impressed with the Enlightened Equipment Enigma 750 Quilt. Its very warm, ultra light and not very expensive. At about $300 you’re going to have a very lightweight and warm sleeping quilt thats made of high quality materials

It has an almost silk like feel to it also with great features like a snap/draw string closure for your neck, elastic straps to keep it snug around your body that can be removed and extra pad straps to attach your sleeping pad to your quilt…its no wonder these guys are no longer under the radar! Another great option is that you can choose between untreated down or DownTek treated down. The Downtek will repel moisture and water to a certain degree and will keep you warm even when your quilt gets wet. A general rule of thumb though when ordering is you should probably order your quilt rated to about 10° warmer than where your going.

You can also opt for Enlightened Equipment’s weather resistant stripes to help with moisture on the inside of your tent from your breath in the night.

So the way the straps work is that you would attach the strap to your sleeping pad then attach the quilt to the strap for one setup.eestrap1You can also completely wrap the quilt around your sleeping pad shown here:

eestrapAll Enlightened Equipment Quilts come with a sil nylon stuff sack and a storage sack so you don’t have to leave them unprotected while still maintaining loft keeping your quilt in tip top shape for years to come. This is my summer quilt for hammock camping. I use it with the Enlightened Equipment under quilt and the 2 of them together worm seamlessly

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