The Insulated Q Core sleeping pad from Big Agnes is a 20″x72″ insulated pad to rest your bones after a long day backpacking, hiking or just relaxing at camp. Getting a quality nights sleep is imperative and without it, your next day will be less than enjoyable. Click here to purchase.

The Q Core is available in these sizesqcore

  • 20″ x 66″ x 4″Silver/Gray 15° 25oz $119.95
  • 20″ x 72″ x 4″Silver/Gray 15° 27oz $139.95
  • 20″ x 78″ x 4″Silver/Gray 15° 29oz $149.95
  • 25″ x 78″ x 4″Silver/Gray 15° 36oz $199.95
  • 25″ x 72″ x 4″Silver/Gray15°30oz$189.95

Insulated Q-Core sleeping pads are the ultimate answer to age old quandary of how to pack comfort into the backcountry. Utilizing Alternating I-beam Construction, the Q-Core’s quilted look evenly distributes your weight while the larger outer chambers keep you cradled in the center of the pad. X-Static synthetic insulation keeps you warm and its packability allows you to take it with you anywhere.

The most comfortable pads on the planet (Big Agnes claim) I tend to agree as this is the most comfortable sleeping pad I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on. Here are some technical specs on this pas:

    • Light and compact three season pads at 4″/10 cm thick for extra comfort
    • Estimated R-Value of 5
    • X-Static synthetic insulation with the natural performance of silver filament to enhance thermodynamic, anti-microbial and anti-odor properties
    • Alternating I-Beam construction creates a smoother, more comfortable feel
    • Durable, light-weight nylon rip-stop top and bottom
    • Internal polyurethane coating
    • Add a closed cell foam pad in colder temperatures for extra insulation
    • Durable inflation valve
    • Store unrolled with valve open
    • Includes stuff sack and repair kit. The repair kit is in a small pocket on the inside end of the stuff sack. It’s sort of hidden, so look twice.
    • Each pad individually inflated and tested
    • For complete specs and to compare all pad models, see our Pad Specs Chart at the left, under Tips & Resources


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