Full Moon Hike

Full moon hikes to Gaviota Peak. We will meet at the parking lot about 2 hours before sundown. You have to see the sunset from the top! It's breathtaking. We will get everyone together for a nice group photo and have a short meet and greet before we get going. Shortly after that we hike! and hike! The peak is 3 miles from the parking lot trail head. This hike is not for people who are out of shape and can be challenging as the hike goes uphill for 3 miles! Don't forget you still have to hike back down another 3 miles. 

You will need certain items with you for this hike and the list will vary depending on what time of year the hike is. Here is a short mandatory list of what is needed for your hike. 

  • Backpack (small daypack but big enough to carry your gear, food and water)
  • Good lugged hiking boots or trail shoes with good traction (no sandals or flip flops)
  • Flashlight or headlight and extra batteries. 
  • Water (camelbak works best but small water bottles are great too if you don't have one)
  • Snacks (energy bars, trail mix)
  • Light jacket in Summer and warmer jacket in Winter (preferably a soft-shell windproof jacket) and insulating layer as it gets cold at the peak with the wind blowing. 
  • Camera (for posterity and bragging rights)
  • Food and drink to share at the peak! (Bottle of wine and crackers/cheese makes a nice community snack)

The price for this hike is $15 per hiker and the hike will be lead by me. Please see below for direct pay through Paypal for quick and secure payment. 

Note: I'll start scheduling this hike in the spring as it's too cold to go up there this time of year (October 25th 2012)

If you want to make a special trip and don't mind the cold I can make an exception but would need plenty of time in advance to set it up...Please contact me direct for this!

Have another place in mind you would like to go on a full moon hike? Let me know and I'll plan it for you and your group!