Gossamer Gear on Cloud's Rest

On top of Cloud’s Rest, Yosemite NP

I am an outdoor gear tester & reviewer, independent lead backpacking guide for Big Sur, CA, website builder, videographer, insatiable mountain biker, seeker, wanderer & lover of life! Come with me on my adventures & see why!!!

I am very blessed and I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of the wonderful family and friends I have in my life. I always enjoy meeting new people and attracting positive energy and people into my life. I love to be surrounded by that kind of  energy as much as possible. It’s infectious!

I was born and raised in NY and was introduced to the great outdoors by my father who was into hunting. I never developed a love of hunting or could bring myself to kill any animal unless I had to for survival. My father did however plant the seed in my brain for the outdoors and it has sprouted into my love and my passion today. I loved upstate NY hiking through the Catskills as it was so amazingly beautiful with its rolling hills and beautiful natural landscape.

The leaves changing colors in the fall is a sight I think everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. I moved to central NC in 1994 and lived there for another 11 years. The mountains in NC and the south are quite beautiful with more rolling hills and mountain vistas. It seems that you can see forever over those hills and through the country side. I got back into backpacking when a friend of mine invited me to go with him on a two night trip in the mountains of NC near Boone close to Grandfather Mt. I went with no gear and used a duffle-bag to hold all of my gear as I didn’t have any of my old gear from when I was younger. BIG MISTAKE! My shoulders were killing me and literally bleeding. When we got back I went directly to REI and bought some new gear. Since then I have had countless adventures in the mountains of NC and VA and I cant thank my friend enough for re-kindling my love for the outdoors (Thanks Keegan). I also started getting back into mountain biking with the same friend as he was a mountain biker too. Its a great way to get into shape and get outside and have some fun. In 2005 I moved to California on the central coast and am still here to date. I have been to many state parks here in California including but not limited to Big Sur, Yosemite NP and Mineral King (Sierras’), Sequoia NP and Los Padres National Forrest, San Raphael Wilderness, Nira etc. etc. etc. I still mountain bike and consider myself to be very lucky to live here in California. There is so much to do here from mountains to deserts to ocean. From hot weather to cold weather and snow. California is pretty awesome!IMG_4999

I thank you for coming to my website and hope to meet you someday.

Get Outdoors, Daniel