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Today is a special day at Trail and Mountain headquarters. I received a comment on my Delios water filter review from one of my subscribers (Kobracom77) who stated “I wonder how this stacks up to the Sawyer Squeeze?”

I originally contacted Sawyer to test and review one of their filters and they told me that they were not interested at that time to send me one. I wasn’t discouraged though as I contacted Delios and they did send me a filter to test and review.

I wanted to make this comparison review to show the great water filters that companies are making these days. As an example, my old MSR (still works great after 13 years) filter weighs 3-4 times more than these 1 little giants.
Everyone wants to go lighter and lighter these days and I for one have definitely jumped on board to go Ultralight.

Both filters work amazing and have their own pros an cons. I prefer the Sawyer but out of both of them I am sure one will find it’s way into my pack on one trip or another.