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This website is for people who are like me. People who just love the great outdoors and want to get outside and go play. 

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I have been a “get outdoors and play kinda guy” for a long time and I am compiling all of my information and experience that I have gained and learned over the past 20+ years and placing that information on this site. Please check the calendar to hear about trips that are coming up in the future and the blog to check out past trips.

This is a great website to check out from time to time when you’re looking to go out and have fun outside. If you are looking for any gear, information on trails, guided tours, survival techniques, classified’s etc. then you are right at home at www.trailandmountain.com I have a lot of information on this website and always add more so be sure to check back often. Thank you for coming to Trail and Mountain. 

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